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About a year ago, I started paying closer attention to the quality of the food in our restaurant. Instead of ordering from the cheapest vendor, we started meeting with different vendors to find the best fit for us. We were able to find an incredible business that really understood our needs. They also offered incredible prices on top-of-the-line foods, and it was really great to work with them. They helped us to completely renovate our menu, and we were really impressed with everything that they did for us. This blog is all about meeting with food suppliers and understanding how to streamline your restaurant.


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Meeting With Food Suppliers

Keep Clients Comfortable And Satisfied While Waiting Their Turn In Your Delicatessen

by Scarlett Newman

If you own a small delicatessen and have a loyal group of customers which often contributes to lengthy amounts of time while waiting for orders to be filled, the following tips will help keep each client comfortable and satisfied while they are waiting their turn.

Offer Bottled Water Or Coffee

Purchase bottled water from a business that offers a delivery service and fill a cooler with ice and several bottles to offer to customers on days that your deli is busier than usual and each wait time may be on the long side. Prepare a fresh pot of coffee and a stack of disposable cups to place next to the cooler so that individuals can help themselves if they are interested in a hot beverage instead.

If you opt to serve both bottled water and coffee, it may be possible to have both beverages delivered by the same business. A delivery service, such as McCullough Water, will restock beverages when desired so that you will no need to worry about running out of supplies.

Prepare Sample Items Of The Day

Before you open the deli each day, prepare a couple platters that contain small servings of cold cuts, cheese, or sandwiches that are being featured that day. Create a sign to display next to the platters so that individuals who come into the deli will be aware that they are able to take what interests them. The samples will help satiate each person's hunger while they are waiting and may also encourage them to order specific items when it is their turn to place an order.

Provide A Sitting Area For Patrons

Arrange a line of folding chairs in one portion of your deli so that patrons can relax while they are waiting to be assisted. Offer magazines or books on a small table in order to provide your clients with a way to keep busy during the wait time. If there is enough room in your deli, place a small television set on top of a sturdy surface in order to give everyone the opportunity to watch the local news or one of their favorite daily shows if they would prefer to.

Make sure that everyone who chooses to use the sitting area has a clear view of the deli counter and has been provided with a numbered ticket so that when you call out each number people will not need to worry about losing their turn or being pushed to the back of the line.